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My D'oro tempio di Primavera 2015!

Posted on March 28, 2015 at 2:19 PM Comments comments (385)

Spring is in the air! It has arrived! :)  And it is such a joyous time as the earth starts to come alive bursting forth with New Beginnings Mother Nature blossoms as new life emerges.
(click on photos to enlarge)
There is nothing better than to sit outside in the arms of Nature as the spring sunshine envelopes you and listen in silence to the heart beat of life.
I truly do love life and I simply appreciate and adore  this time of the year.
And as promised I have produced my latest

Biogeometric φ Art work Illuminated with '24 carat Gold 
Above and right: D'oro Tempio di Primavera
Format: Original
Medium: Mixed Acrylics, Oil ancient pigments& 24 carat Gold
Style:Tired Biogeometric φ Art 
Colour: Gold
Image Size: 90 Cm x 90 Cm
My 3 dimensional Springtime 2015
'D'oro Tempio di Primavera' (Golden Temple to Springtime) organically evolved from My Springtime 2014 hand painted floor canvass’ Primavera D'oro'
Personally 2014 was cataclysmic and as I dwelt in the eye of that vicious, unrelenting, chaotic Typhoon of life within the eye of the storm I found solace where there was utter calm, peace and I dwelt in another world where I created beauty.

Truly from Spring time 2014 into the present 2015 the more my world has fallen around me some aspects disappearing forever the more my inner Artistic spirit has risen above to such artistic creativity that even I did not envision.
Out of all my deep personal sadness and Chaos has come forth strength, freedom, Clarity, vision a resilience against all the trials of life that has produced my pure artistic creations.
Welcome to my world of Artistic inner beauty!
To all who have gone through turmoil in in their lives I dedicate this

‘To the land beyond where thoughts do dwell
And in thy heart deep sorrow lies in a darkened cell

Yet so still alone waiting watching
Till dawns a
New day
New dreams
New tomorrows!

Please Enjoy with me  a musical trip to Paris in Spring :) there are two versions of the music I like !

Hope you do too!:) 
Love Antosa x


Spring is in the Air! 2015!

Posted on March 19, 2015 at 11:51 AM Comments comments (152)
Spring is in the air!
(click on photos to enlarge)
I adore Spring time for over the long winter months in Silence Mother Nature has been busy beneath the ground we walk upon and just at the right moment like an amazing yearly show Mother nature starts  the Spring orchestra of pure fresh  new life ah yes Spring time is a very special time.

Antosa over the winter has been busy working too! On a Spring Creation which I should complete on March 21st  to Herald in

Spring time 2015!

Please forgive my absence over the last few months but Antosa has been working very hard

I shall give you all a preview of my long Winters work on the 1st day of Spring time!

Till then please join with me and enjoy  Vivaldi ‘s 4 seasons
L Antosa x

PS. All sketches displayed are from my Diary of Art & Poetry yr 2000 

Motto for 2015! Keep on Smiling!

Posted on January 28, 2015 at 3:30 PM Comments comments (143)
wishing one and all in  2015!
 Keep on Smiling!
Here is to a special 2015!
L Antosa x

Finding 'Peace' Of 'Phi'! in a Hurricane of life!

Posted on November 28, 2014 at 9:50 AM Comments comments (231)
view in detail  on 'Biogeometric Art Design page
(click on photos to enlarge)
Peace’ Of Phi’ φ
“In the beginning was a thought that created ‘Phi’ this is just a ‘Peace’ Of ‘Phi’” φAntosa 2014  
  'Peace’ Of Phi’ φ
It is said that out of Darkness has comes forth light and love.

2014 has been one of my darkest personal years, several of my dear and close friends have passed away
through illness bravely born, tragedy,  broken hearts and even my own dear father sadly passed away aged 87. 

Throw Into all of this mixture a bucket full of greed, treachery, hatred, jealousy, lies, deceit my Oh my! What a ghastly concoction!

But the wonderful thing about life is that we have all choices My choice was forgiveness, peace, love & joy For Love changes everything

One only needs to look at nature to see that even from the depths of dark muddiness beauty can emerge like the Lotus flower revered by many religions and throughout civilizations even till today 

 Spring time May of 2014 I chose to retreat (my voice literally left me & I could not speak and start creating my Hand Painted Floor Canvases and what emerged was The Renaissance of ‘Antosa De La Rose’

All through summer time the storms of life were relentless pounding month by month & the more the Hurricane gained momentum the more I created and retreated into my Silent World of Art.

By August 2014 I was in the eye of the storm when one of my very  dearest companions and friends from Kenya lost his fight against his illness.

Artistically I submerged myself again into my world of Biogeometric Art Creations and what emerged was completed only a few weeks ago
 A ‘Peace’ Of ‘Phi’ φ
and to encapsulate it all with a few ‘Phi’ strokes created on the back of the picture  My ‘Dove’ Of ‘Phi’ soaring to heaven in ‘Peace’ Biogoemetric Art Design
I have started working on more creations even tthough the hurricans & Storms  left a trail of devastation all around me
Not within me and in the end that is what counts
for I know that Love never fails!

La Vi En Rose
Antosa x    

The ‘Dove’ Of ‘Phi’φ a simple symbol of one pure emerging soaring thought of ‘Peace’ ‘Peace’ Of ‘Phi’ φ
‘The more I see
The less I say
The less I say
The more I see
I thus fall into
A ‘Peace’ Of ‘Phi’φ
And soar as
The ‘Dove’ Of ‘Phi’φ
In ‘Peace’ Antosa 2014
welcome to my world!

Heaven on Earth My Golden Summer Phi

Posted on September 30, 2014 at 8:39 AM Comments comments (288)

Heaven on Earth
My Golden Summer Phi!
by Antosa©™

My latest Summer Time 2014 'Silent Love Art Creation' is inspired  from my love of ancient Art techniques, the study of  mathematics and  geometry in Art forms and Architecture
(click on photos to enlarge)
In particular the mathematical Golden Ratio has been observed  & used by many of the Highly sophisticated  cultures in Art through the Ages transending countries, continents & civilizations from the Middle & Far East to South America,  Africa, Egypt, Rome, Greece

(Left Ammonite dated 64million yrs oldfound on Coastal Sahara Desert in Morocco Right Spiral Milky Way)
From Primodial times this  Golden ratio is encompassed within the history and construction  of our amazing Cosmos both in our  Macro and Micro Universe.
 My Heaven on Earth & Golden Summer Phi thus evolved in my imagination and thus created and became reality  Heaven & Earth Sky & Ocean

I have used shades of blue that have great meaning to all Civilizations.  Interwoven into my Summer 2014 Art Work is the magnificent and  revered natural pigments the first recorded treasured blue pigments Azurit, Lapis Lazuli, Mayan Blue, Indigo  & Egyptian Blue embelished with 24carat Gold Leaf.
(click on photos to enlarge)

“I perceive blue as a movement of detachment from man, from the human, a movement that draws us toward the centre of this colour but also towards the infinite, awakening in us a desire for the pure and, finally, for the supernatural.” – Wassily Kandinsky

Blue is the color of Peace, Trust & Tranquility
Blue is the deepest colour, going into infinity.
Blue is also the coldest and purest colour, apart from white.
Blue induces Calm and Peace within us, particularly the deeper shades.
Different shades of blue have different meanings. 
Blue is the colour of the deep blue silence of the sky, of space and of the oceans which are above and below our daily existence. They stretch up and down into infinity, and therefore their blue colour will always represent the mystery of the deep unknown.
To the ancient Egyptians, blue was the colour of truth and death, with the blue sky the Profile threshold that separates man from the heavens.
left :a decorated cobalt glass vessel from Ancient Egypt (1450–1350 BC)

Right:King Tut mask has a highly elaborate & decorated with feldspar, quartz, lapis lazuli and colored glass

For Buddhists, blue is the coolness of the heavens above and the waters below.
For Tibetan Buddhists, blue is the colour of vairocana (transcendent wisdom) and also of potentiality and emptiness. The “Blue Buddha” (also known as the “Buddha of Medicine or Healing”) is a deep blue, the color of lapis lazuli.
Buddhist rosaries are sometimes made entirely of turquoise, as a symbol long life.
Blue is a color of the goddess Tara (left). The gemstone lapis lazuli (right pendant lapis Lazuli pendant from Mesopotania (Circa 2900 BC).has been greatly prized in Buddhist cultures and, until recently, its decorative value was higher than that of diamond. Lapis lazuli symbolizes that which is pure or rare in Buddhist art. It is said to have a curative or strengthening effect on those who wear it and it was a sacred stone in Tibetan Buddhist cultures. The Tibetans valued it above all precious minerals, even more than gold, representing the image of the azure sky and the hair of their goddess. Both men and women wore it on their heads.

Islamic art encompasses the visual arts produced from the 7th century onwards by people who lived within the territory that was inhabited by or ruled by culturally Islamic population and this ancient art is geometrically exquisite
Islam Typical turquoise tiling becomes popular in 10th-11th century and is used mostly for Kufic inscriptions on mosque walls.

In Hinduism, dark blue is the color of Vishnu, one of the greatest gods. As the color of the sky, blue symbolizes his cosmic dimensions, Blue is also the colour of Lord Krishna (one of Vishnu’s incarnations) and symbolizes his universality and the vastness of sky and sea
Left :Bhagavan Vishnu
  As the color of Krishna, blue is symbolic of heavens, love, truth, and mysterious beauty.

For Christians, blue is the symbol of heaven and the Madonna (as “Queen of Heaven”), going back to Renaissance painting. Sapphire is a symbol of calmness and hope (Pope Innocent III). In the middle ages, blue also became the colour of European royalty.

 Left In the Virgin of the Meadow (1506), Raphael used white to soften the ultramarine blue of Virgin Mary's robes to balance the red and blue, and to harmonize with the rest of the picture

In China, blue signifies the water and the skies, and the link with the colour of the heavens means that blue is associated with immortality

In Africa blue is used by many tribes in their colourful jewelery
In India, blue symbolizes the sky and the ocean. A deep and brilliant hue (e.g., lapis lazuli) is used in the context of love. Darker shades of blue represent a deeper the mystery of truth. The Indian name of this colour is “shyam” (moon-like).

For the Japanese, Indigo blue mirrors the color of the vast ocean surrounding the Japanese islands.

The Ishtar Gate (Arabic بوابة عشتار‎) was the eighth gate to the inner city of Babylon. It was constructed in about 575 BC by order of King Nebucadnezzar 11

Whatever your opinion of the colour Blue or of mathematical geometry that is intrinsically intertwined within our DNA

May we all embrace the Universal Blue energy of Peace, Love & Joy into our lives?
And Dance to the Love of Life!
L Antosa x

Ps. Heaven on Earth has taken from 21 of June till 23 of September to complete Thus encompassing the essence of Summer time a taste of Heaven on Earth  my Golden Summer Phi!

My Initials upon this ‘Silent Love’ creation (AI) I copied from
Luca Pacioli's 1509 alphabet of "divine proportion."
Luca Pacioli (1445-1514 or 1517) was an Italian mathematician and Franciscan friar who lived during the Renaissance. While he was the chairman of mathematics in Milan, he collaborated with and taught mathematics to Leonardo da Vinci. He published his second important book "De divina proportione," in 1509. This book discussed topics including mathematical proportion, geometry, and architecture. Along with beautiful three-dimensional renderings by da Vinci,
L A :) x

Feeling Blue & Lapis Lazuli

Posted on August 27, 2014 at 9:52 AM Comments comments (934)
Silent Love Art
'Golden Azure Summer Phi!

“Silence is the most fitting connotation of beauty, like the peace of the calm, blue sea.” – Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von Schelling

(eft and below 'Enchantment by Antosa©

(click on photos to enlarge)
Hi! I hope that you have had a good Summer Antosa has been busy My 'Silent Love Art' has been inspired by my love of the Ocean.

My home in Kenya Kurwitu Beach Vipingo on the shores of the Indian Ocean  inspired my yet to be published 5th childrens book 'Enchantment'  the Indian Oceans amazing Azure blue tones which blend into iridescent  shades of torquoise blue ahhh! pure bliss:)

Right:Lapis Lazuli
Well Antosa has been ispired again to use the colours of the beautiful Oceans for my latest 21st Century Illuminated 'Golden Azure Summer Phi'! hand Painted Toile Cire'e
My choice of paints colours mixes etc and my research has led me to one of the oldest pigments used in Art lapis lazuli: a piece of heaven on earth!
It was so prized by ancient peoples of the Middle East that it was known as "blue gold"
so I am delighted to incorporate the lustre of Lapis Lazuli into my latest Illuminated summer art work.
I thought you would enjoy a trip with me to the bottom of the sea! as I bob along!
L Antosa x

Smile though your heart is breaking

Posted on August 17, 2014 at 3:04 PM Comments comments (129)

Hi! Much has taken place in the past week!

Two of my Beautiful dear and beloved women friends of mine passed away on 1st of August 2014 and were laid to rest last week!

"To the land beyond
where thoughts do dwell
& within thy heart
lies a darkened cell
yet so still
Till Dawns a
New Day
New Dreams
of New Tomorrows
Antosa 2014                                                                                                                                                                                                       
(click on photos to enlarge)


It is a wonderful thing to love and be loved and  be alive in the present a gift from above and to love & appreciate all that we are and have.

Antosa believes we must never loose our childlike curious creativity to see the world through the eyes of innocence to touch, to feel and be in the moment of sheer innocent love & beauty
L Antosa  x
'Ars longa, vita brevis'   ( right : picture Antosa aged 2yrs)

Deli-Isherwood 'Love Treats'

Posted on August 9, 2014 at 12:19 PM Comments comments (465)
  Life to me is An Art from Fashion, make-up food & drink to interior designing I love to make the absolute most of everything for life is An Art.

(below : one of my special home made breakfast pinneapple drink with yogurt sprinkled with seeds & edible 24carat Gold and drizzled with honey)
(click on photos to enlarge)

Mother Nature has provided the most amazing fresh foods in season with amazing colours that tantalize and give our taste buds a treat.  (above: my breakfast this morning fresh hand-picked strawberries kiwi fruit & water melon with home-made yogurt drizzled with honey & sprinkled with home-made muesli with seeds.)

Being in the kitchen for me is like an extension of an art studio for it is here that I can create the most scrumptious culinary visual delights or just bake realy wholesome foods like my home-made Irish Soda bread above (freshly made this morning).

Deli-Isherwood 'Love Treats'
The Kitchen is where I love to relax but what I love most of all is I am able to  share what I create with my family, friends and loved ones.

I love giving and sending little unexpected food 'Love Treats' that cost very little except ones time but made most of all with love which money cannot buy!
Have a great week-end
L Antosa x

Whisky Revival!:)Here's tae us; wha's like us? Gey few, and they're a'deid.

Posted on August 6, 2014 at 11:00 AM Comments comments (152)

(click on photos to enlarge)

Here's tae us; wha's like us? Gey few, and they're a'deid.

I am delighted  to introduce to you some of my 21st Century Scottish Whisky Glass designs.

From 2004 I was busy researching into the ancient art of glass enamelling and Hand painting and finally produced in 2006  my ‘Golden Sword’ dedicated to Robert the Bruce and the  ‘Golden Thistle’ dedicated to Mary Queen of Scots hand painted whisky glasses embellished with 24carat gold.

And I am delighted to now be in a position to revive and produce my Exclusive hand painted whisky glasses embellished with 24carat gold (to hold that treasured Scottish liquid gold called whisky!)

My Scottish Grandfather James Hamilton Snr loved a wee dram or two  and my late recently departed father James Hamilton did too.
 I am sure they would love to know that I created 21st Century designer whisky glasses to hold their favourite ‘wee dram’.

  Both my Grandfather and father were great Gentle Scotsmen who  loved Scotland and were very proud of their heritage as I am too.
A wee raised glass and toast to them both
In Honour to my late

Granfather James Hamilton Sr
& Father James Hamilton
Here's tae us; wha's like us? Gey few, and they're a'deid.
Antosa x
Ps. This tune was  the last lament  at my late father James Hamilton's funeral in April 2014 and  was piped by one of his great nephews one of my cousins sons in the Scottish mining village of Bowhill in Fife where he was laid to rest in the family Hamilton grave .
God Bless my Scottish 'Hamilton' side of the  Family  & God Bless us all!
L A x

Summertime Strawberries and Cream time!

Posted on July 19, 2014 at 8:43 AM Comments comments (654)
Creativity is not just confined to my canvass, ceramics etc I also adore to create in the kitchen.
which is one of my delights in life!

Recently for the final of Wimbledon Tennis I created my summertime Strawberry & Cream Tea time treats pictured here.

(click on photos to enlarge)
L & R: Strawberry cream shortcake with home made stawberry preserve

L&R:Strawberry & cream angel cakes

 Dear friends of mine who live nearby were given  these special afternoon treats!.

I  pick my own strawberries as I live to a nearby fruit farm where I pick all the fruit in season and then make into my home made preserves & liqueurs which I then keep and give as presents to loved ones.
Being thoughtful does not cost much only time and effort but it is worth the joy! 

Talking of joy I do enjoy a fine glass of wine! with music so please share with me this moment!
As we listen to Verdi La Traviata the drinking song!
Antosa :) x