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Finding 'Peace' Of 'Phi'! in a Hurricane of life!

Posted on November 28, 2014 at 9:50 AM
view in detail  on 'Biogeometric Art Design page
(click on photos to enlarge)
Peace’ Of Phi’ φ
“In the beginning was a thought that created ‘Phi’ this is just a ‘Peace’ Of ‘Phi’” φAntosa 2014  
  'Peace’ Of Phi’ φ
It is said that out of Darkness has comes forth light and love.

2014 has been one of my darkest personal years, several of my dear and close friends have passed away
through illness bravely born, tragedy,  broken hearts and even my own dear father sadly passed away aged 87. 

Throw Into all of this mixture a bucket full of greed, treachery, hatred, jealousy, lies, deceit my Oh my! What a ghastly concoction!

But the wonderful thing about life is that we have all choices My choice was forgiveness, peace, love & joy For Love changes everything

One only needs to look at nature to see that even from the depths of dark muddiness beauty can emerge like the Lotus flower revered by many religions and throughout civilizations even till today 

 Spring time May of 2014 I chose to retreat (my voice literally left me & I could not speak and start creating my Hand Painted Floor Canvases and what emerged was The Renaissance of ‘Antosa De La Rose’

All through summer time the storms of life were relentless pounding month by month & the more the Hurricane gained momentum the more I created and retreated into my Silent World of Art.

By August 2014 I was in the eye of the storm when one of my very  dearest companions and friends from Kenya lost his fight against his illness.

Artistically I submerged myself again into my world of Biogeometric Art Creations and what emerged was completed only a few weeks ago
 A ‘Peace’ Of ‘Phi’ φ
and to encapsulate it all with a few ‘Phi’ strokes created on the back of the picture  My ‘Dove’ Of ‘Phi’ soaring to heaven in ‘Peace’ Biogoemetric Art Design
I have started working on more creations even tthough the hurricans & Storms  left a trail of devastation all around me
Not within me and in the end that is what counts
for I know that Love never fails!

La Vi En Rose
Antosa x    

The ‘Dove’ Of ‘Phi’φ a simple symbol of one pure emerging soaring thought of ‘Peace’ ‘Peace’ Of ‘Phi’ φ
‘The more I see
The less I say
The less I say
The more I see
I thus fall into
A ‘Peace’ Of ‘Phi’φ
And soar as
The ‘Dove’ Of ‘Phi’φ
In ‘Peace’ Antosa 2014
welcome to my world!

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All through summer time the storms of life were relentless pounding month by month & the more the Hurricane gained momentum the more I created and retreated into my Silent World of Art.
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