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Acqua, La Mer's of life!

Posted on February 1, 2016 at 9:17 AM

Antosa is fascinated and loves Water,
Acqua, La Mer
whatever the language we speak
water is what it is and our life depends upon it.

 Without this amazing gift, that is free and falls from heaven and bubbles up from the depths, the soul of the earth, without this liquid we would simply not exist

Our home Earth is one beautiful Acqua ball, from space it is a sapphire jewel unlike any other planet in our solar system

Our bodies are unique living water beings we are 'Acqua, La Mer’s of life'

The magic of water is absolutely phenomenal it is no wonder that people throughout the centuries have revered and held sacred this amazing fluid which Antosa views as pure loving Divine nectar.

Water can change structure into magically fascinating creative filigree of such exquisite beauty, that falls from heaven as snowflakes, Heavens Fabergé jewels!

Experiments have shown that the vibration, electromagnetic waves of pure love that emanates from the heart, can change the structure of water to create incomparable Fabergé jewel like structures in each Acqua La Mer water droplet. (Please view link below)
(Right:The Tsarevich Egg 1912)

 As an Artist and creator Antosa finds this almost incomprehensible however Antosa like everyone on the planet is an Acqua, La Mer of life!.

So in essence this principles means, that True Beauty emanates from within ours & others loving thoughts from the cup of love within our heart, which  creates unique Acqua La Mer beings of life,  incomparable Love & Beauty.(left:1484 Botticelli Birth of Venus from the sea)

Love Water & Acqua, La Mer will love you right back!
Raise your glass in a  toast to
 Love, Joy, Peace & Beauty  for we are all
 Acqua, La Mer's of Life!
L Antosa x

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